October 30, 2018 Alien Abductions, Human/ Alien Hybrids, UFO’s Angels and Gods with Ali Siadatan

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Explore the site. Sign up for our newsletter & stay informed! All civilizations attribute their genesis to the gods. All of the great religions speak of contact with beings who come from elsewhere. - Is there a connection between these accounts and the modern day UFO phenomenon? - Can accounts of flying beings from the Bible shed light on the identity of UFOs? - Are they mere observers or participants on the world stage? - Is there a connection between modern day Hybrids and ancient Nephilim? UFOs Angels & Gods begins where other documentaries end, bringing a new perspective to an ongoing debate, and asks the critical question: Does the modern day UFO phenomenon fall within the scope of biblical prophecy? Featured Guests: - Professor David Jacobs Ph.D / Temple university, author of The Threat - Dr. Barry Downing Ph.D / Pastor First Presbyterian Church Ithaca NY. Author of The Bible & flying Saucers - Dr. Chuck Missler Ph.D/ Internationaly renowned Bible Scholar & author of Alien Encounters - Sigung John Peel/ Christian Teacher Sign Up for our newsletter and stay informed! www.thinkagainproductions.com


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