February 15, 2020 Is Reality a Simulation? And the Political 3 Ring Circus. Trump SOTU With John Brisson

TONS of technical difficulties during this show. The agenda went out the window also. We didn't get intros and outros from the station so some of the segments of the first hour get cut off without any real resolution or indication to the end of the segment. Sorry bout all that. The second half of the show flows a bit better. 

Part 1 is a discussion/debate of sorts about the nature of reality with John Brisson

Part 2 is a break down of the Political 3 ring circus. Trump's State of the Union Address, Iowa and Impeachment.It starts at about 42 minutes give or take a few minutes. When you hear Trump praising the fake president of Venezuela , be warned that the second half of the show has begun. Dems and Reps show their true colors and unite! For WAR of course.

It was a fun show. I hope you enjoy it inspire of the tech issue we experienced. Its live radio guys. Its gonna happen. We also had Skype issue at times that make speech sound slower or delayed at times.

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