At what point is a corporation so big that governments no longer matter? I am pretty sure that question was answered many years ago.

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December 24, 2017



The 1980s mark a huge turning point in the lives of us all. Before the 1980s was an old fashioned like time where many lives were still lived in the natural world around us. The 1980s set the stage for our modern lives and our separation from natural to the artificial. 33 years later, it […]

The Infinite Fringe: The Saturn Death Cult ,Christmas and the Illuminati with Troy McLachlan

December 18, 2017

A 2hour Christmas speacial for everyone! Whats under the tree? The Saturn Death Cult!!! No need to thank us. Whats the True meaning of Christmas? What do most of the religions of the world rally worship?Was Saturn our original sun? Why do the EL-ite (Illuminati) do what they do? Listen! Learn! Reasearch! Merry Xmas!! Happy Saturnalia! BRV,Josh Corey, Bin Hamin host.

Crrow777 ; Aleister Crowly and Helena Blavatsky. HIS - STORY Agreed Upon

December 17, 2017

A detailed look at historical personages often paints a picture which does not resemble current accepted accounts. Aleister Crowley & Helena Blavatsky are no different – but how many will take the time to challenge what we have been told?

Hip Hop and The Illuminati with Mark Devlin. A Hip Hop Conspiracy

December 11, 2017

Hip Hop is being used by the Illuminati to create the society and climate they need for total domination. Jay Z, Kanye West, Lil Uzi Vert, Beyonce, Migos, etc. What is the Agenda they are promoting and why are they promoting it? Is Jay Z the king of Hip Hop because he is that good or because he is that evil? Give it a listen and check your fandom at the door. We also get into Afrika Bambaataa and his alleged child molestation. Was it an open secret amongst the Zulu Nation? Was the Zulu nation a covert mind control cult?? All this and more with Mark Devlin, BRV and Josh Cory.  This ep contains an extra 40 min that did not air on TFR.

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Crrow777 : All in All , Just More Bricks In The Wall

December 10, 2017

Covering Cecil Rhodes of Rhodes scholarship fame and the Rand Corporation. Each episode now seeks to examine the foundations of the modern illusion we all live in.Crrow777

Simulation Theory and the Ayahuasca Revelations with Chris and Sheree Gio

December 4, 2017

Do we live in a simulation? How deep are we in this false reality? Are we being controlled by A.I in a "spritual" sence? Chris and Sheree Geo join us  to discuss all aspects of our reality and their expirences with Ayahuasca.Bin Hamin, Josh Cory, BRV Host


Crow777 joins us at the begining of the hour to discuss his recent victory and the reinstatement of his channel. 

Crrow 777 : The Coming 5G Networks and A.I . The Point of No Natural Return

November 30, 2017

By the early 2020s it is likely robots and AI will be able to do the jobs of most humans. The coming 5G networks will be the infrastructure for this future. The RF frequency of 5G may be very bad for human, plant & animal cells and our natural world – soon to disappear in […]

Is Paul McCartney DEAD? Or was he Replaced? With Walt From IRM. Modern-day book Burring with Crrow777

November 27, 2017

We give shouts!!! to all the Fam and supporters. If we missed you we still love you. (We just forgot some...sorry)

We talk to Crrow777 with updates on the fate of his youtube channel and Google censorship. Modern Day Book Burnings.

Is Paul McCartney DEAD. I know it sounds crazy but listen to the entire show and tell me how you feel after. And we only scratch the surface. We are joined by our Iron Realm, Iron Worx brother Walt and he breaks it all down. Culture creation and manipulation. BRV, Bin Hamin, Josh Cory Host.

Stanley Kubrick Faked the Moon Landing? Pedo-gate and Hollywood, 911, Trump with Jay Weidner and Alan Park

November 13, 2017

Crazy Episode this wekk guys. Hamin and Josh couldnt make it so i pulled Alan Park forthe co hosting duties and it was worth it. Jay Weidner took his maiden voyage to the Infinite Fringe , dropping knowledge the entire time. We get into the Shinning and how it was Stanley Kubrick's confession of sorts, that he helped fake the Moon Landing by NASA? We discuss 2001 A Space Oddysy, AI, Eyes Wide Shut and Lolita. Was Kubrick trying to lift the veil on pedo-gate and the activities of the Hollywood elite? Jay then proceeds to drop bombs about 911, Vegas and the Alliance to over throw the New World Order! How is Donald Trump involved? Find out

Audio gets better as the podcast moves along.We had skype trouble but it worked out.

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