Crazy Episode this wekk guys. Hamin and Josh couldnt make it so i pulled Alan Park forthe co hosting duties and it was worth it. Jay Weidner took his maiden voyage to the Infinite Fringe , dropping knowledge the entire time. We get into the Shinning and how it was Stanley Kubrick's confession of sorts, that he helped fake the Moon Landing by NASA? We discuss 2001 A Space Oddysy, AI, Eyes Wide Shut and Lolita. Was Kubrick trying to lift the veil on pedo-gate and the activities of the Hollywood elite? Jay then proceeds to drop bombs about 911, Vegas and the Alliance to over throw the New World Order! How is Donald Trump involved? Find out

Audio gets better as the podcast moves along.We had skype trouble but it worked out.

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More Episodes

Google/ Youtube Censorship and the Lunar Wave with Crrow777

November 4, 2017

Crrow777 makes his first appearence on the Infinite Fringe to discuss Google Censorship  and his youtube channel. We also discuss his research into the Lunar Wave. 

The Flat Earth. A Biblical Argument with Sean Caron

October 26, 2017

Sean Caron of Awakening Liberty Show on Truth Frequency Radio joins us to discuss the Flat Earth. It's the biggest alternative topic there is today but still dismissed out right by most.  Sean gives us some evidence forthe Flat Earth as well as some Biblical evidence for all the Christians out there. Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. Did we ever make it to the moon? Are we leaving in a dome and kepted as pets? BRV and Bin Hamin host.


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Revisiting Sandy Hook with Marty Leeds and Making Cannabis Oil with Alan Park

September 30, 2017

Marty Leeds joins the Fringe to discuss his new documentary: "Dear Wolfgang. Revisiting Sandy Hook" We discuss all the annomolie of the Sandy Hook tragedy as many continue to search for answers on what happened that day. We also Wolfgang Halbig, the school investigator who won't stop asking questons about Sandy Hook. watch the documentary here: 


We also hear from Alan Park ( Canadian Comedian that cured himself from cancer using cannabis) as he teachd us how to make Cannabis Oil! Listen to Alan's new podcast here:


BRV,  Bin Hamin, Josh Cory host.

Sept 23 End of the World And Aleister Crowley The Prophet of Evil with William Ramsey.

September 23, 2017
September 23, 2017

It's September 23rd and there are signs in the skies but is it the end of the world. We attempt to explain the symbolism behind Revelations 12 for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. The words of the Bible come to life. We also get into Aleister Crowley, his influence on pop culture, pizza gate, 911 ritual magic and Jay - Z with William Ramsey. BRV , Bin Hamin and Josh Corey host.

Investigate 911!!!!

September 11, 2017

Honor the fallen and Investigate the events that took place on September 11th 2001. We are being lied to about what went on that day. Please listen and do your own research. God Bless you all 

Artificial Intelligence TakeOver! The Rise of the Machines with Roman Yampolskiy

August 26, 2017

Roman Yampolskiy joins the Fringe to discuss the truth and myths behind Artificial Intelligence! How far away are we from a A.I vs Human war? Will we still be needed in the Future? Is A.I more dangerous then North Korea?All this and more on the Infinite Fringe!! Bin Hamin, Josh Corey and BRV Host.

website: cecs.louisville.edu/ry

The Engineered Race War. Love Yourself and Everyone Else!

August 19, 2017

Crazy Days. Terror attacks and earth occurences. Don't believe the hype!!! We are being worked. Choose love always


Billy Ray and Josh Corey discuss all the insanity that went on this week. Terror attack in Spain and Charlottesville Tragedy. We Also talk how Antifa and the Alt right are being used as tools to start a race war and keep us divided. We all have way more in common then not. Please love each other.


We also discuss Elon Musk warning that A.I is more dangerous then North Korea.  A Little flat earth, alittle 911 and the X Files.


August 5, 2017

We recommend that you listen to this one with the air conditioner on to it’s highest level. SHC has been a point of speculation for many years. Is it real? What’s the evidence? We cover the classic cases and some more recent ones. We also discuss Tummo meditiation and how it can be linked to Spontaneous Human Combustion. How about Kundalini? Can it explain the mystery ? Listen and find out! (There are a few audio hiccups but we get through them)

Mandela Effect and the Hollow Moon with Rob Shelsky

June 27, 2017

This episode was recorded live over at Truth Frequency Radio. The show is live from 2pm - 3pm eastern every Saturday. 


Rob Shelsky joins us to discuss C3PO’s leg, Interview with “THE” Vampire and a bunch of other stuff that has been changed/altered/edited from our reality. Or has It??? We also discuss time travel and the hollow moon/spaceship moon theory. Bin Hamin also challeged Rob to a wrestling match. ( Really, that happened)...