Finally got David Knight on the show! Thanks to Tony Arterburn. This was a fun one. We spoke about the Trump raid and the Alex Jones SH situation.David gave us a peek of his time at Infowars and we spoke about my favorite disinformation agents... Flynn, Steve Pieczenick and Steve Bannon.


Thank you all for listening episode after episode! And Thanks for sticking around. It truly means the world to me

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More Episodes

Skinwalker Ranch, To The Stars Academy, Kerry Mullis and more! w/ Midnight Mike!

August 2, 2022

Midnight Mike from the OBDM podcast returns to the fringe to discuss Skinwalker Ranch! Can the events associated with the area be explained by supernatural or technological means. Or can the supernatural and the technological be the same thing! He also brings up an incredible story involving Kerry Mullis, famous for inventing MRNA Tech. 

We also discuss super soldiers, QAnon, Georgia Guidestones being destroyed and more.

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QAnon Returns! With Neil Sanders, John Brisson, George from CAVDEF and Sebs!

July 21, 2022

Here we go again! Q is back and this time it's personal. Will people continue to buy into Q's narrative? Let's hope not...

Inside the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial with Roberta Glass

June 24, 2022

First time guest and true crime investigator Robert Glass gives us an inside look at what went on during the Maxwell trial. Her connections to Epstein, Trump the Clintons and more...

The Army wants YOU for psychological operations! BRV on the David Knight show hosted by Tony Arterburn

May 26, 2022

Tony was kind enough to invite me on the David Knight show to discuss the army recruiting  for their psych warfare arm. A dark and frightening video was released that resembles a video game trailer but it's far from being that simple. It is the real deal and reveals a hidden agenda in a war for the hearts and minds of the people of earth


Check out the video linked below:



War For Eternity: Steve Bannon, Donald Trump and the Occult part 1 with Ben Teitelbaum

April 18, 2022

Ben joins the fringe for the first time to discuss his book, War For Eternity. He gives a historical breakdown of Traditionalism and how the concept has played an integral roll in American politics and world affairs. He also taps into some occult aspects that lurk behind the scenes of Traditionalism, Steve Bannon etc..

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Will Smith, Chris Rock, Quincy Jones, the Slap w/ Isaac Weishaupt and Mr Gates!

April 5, 2022

Isaac Weishaupt and Mr Gates join the Fringe to discuss the slap and the conspiracy theories that surround it. 

Moderna patent of COVID genetic code b4 pandemic/ Russia and Ukraine w/ Tony Arterburn and Charlie Robinson

March 26, 2022

Charlie and Tony Join me to discuss Moderna's patent of Covid genetic code 3 years before the pandemic. They also give some background on the Russia / Ukraine conflict. 

End of the Mandates? But the SPARS document? with Charlie Robinson

February 23, 2022

The hardest working man in the Alt media, Mr Charlie Robinson returns to the fringe to discuss current events and how they line up with the SPARS doc. 


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Musical Truth 3 and the Scam-demic with Mark Devlin

February 15, 2022

Mark Devlin returns to the Fringe to discuss his new book , Musical Truth 3 and his experiences during the last 2 years

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